With over 30 years experience in the chemical and raw materials industries, we at Corechem maintain a standard of excellence that can grow your business.

Tailored Service

Each customer is treated in a way
which best supports their companies
individual needs and requirements.

Warehousing Facilities

With warehousing all around Australia, no order is too big for us to handle.

Nation-Wide Delivery

Our transport team are always on the road, delivering goods across Australia.

Innovative Chemistry. Sustainable Products

Global Suppliers.

Corechem is affiliated with a global network of companies that service the major sectors of the Chemical Industry including Agriculture, Mining, Plastics, Water treatment, Surface Coatings and the Food Industry.

Premium Quality. 

Corechem’s affiliated global sourcing department secures our raw material products from all over the world. With our dense experience in material trading from facilities with premium testing and quality control mechanisms, our supply team are able to guarantee a product of the highest grade. 

Lets talk about how Corechem can deliver you the right product

From initial inquires to final deliveries, we care.